Sad, lonely woman who does not want a divorce

Divorcing a Reluctant Spouse

If your spouse has agreed to get a divorce – or may even want a divorce – but does nothing to make it happen, you have a reluctant spouse. A reluctant spouse puts the burden of getting a divorce on his or her husband or Read more

Illustration of a man hiding cash during divorce in a home safe

Hiding Cash During a Divorce

            Divorce usually involves distribution of assets such as house, cars, bank accounts, securities, and retirement funds. Sometimes another asset exists: cash. And sometimes the cash is significant in value.             If only one spouse acquires or knows about the cash, he or she may Read more

Consequences of cheating on your spouse

The Consequences of Cheating on Your Spouse

You are married, maybe you have children. Suddenly… you are very attracted to someone who is not your spouse. The new partner is irresistible. You’re having an affair. Now what?! I cannot advise you whether to continue or to end the affair. Matters of passion Read more

Older couple when your spouse has an affair

Getting Divorced After Your Spouse Has an Affair

Getting divorced after your spouse has an affair, or his or her sexual identity changes, can be extremely painful. People often fantasize about getting more money in a divorce settlement as revenge for being wronged, but in truth, courts do not resolve or judge human Read more

Will a prenup doom your marriage?

Will a Prenup Doom Your Marriage?

Not everyone getting married enters into a prenuptial agreement, or prenup, but many do. The reasons vary, but most often it comes down to this: one spouse (or his or her parents) has significant assets entering the marriage and wants to preserve it as separate Read more

who is at fault for divorce

When It Matters Whose Fault the Divorce Is

Clients often ask me if they can be awarded more money when the divorce is their spouse’s fault. When one spouse has been betrayed, lied to, or does not want the marriage to end, he or she may feel entitled to more support (a.k.a maintenance Read more

Happy older couple-post nuptial agreement

The Power of a Post Nuptial Agreement

Who needs a post nuptial agreement? What happens when a couple starts negotiating a prenuptial agreement too close to the wedding date and cannot agree on all the terms? Or they have been married for a long time, but disagree on how to manage their Read more