Collaborative Divorce

Smiling parent and child collaborative divorce


Better for families and children

Collaborative law takes your divorce out of the courts. In a collaborative divorce, a couple commits to resolving their issues with their team of lawyers—and financial advisors and psychologists if necessary—without going to court.

Collaborative divorce can help families avoid the bitter conflict that happens in many traditional divorces. Instead of negotiating each issue as adversaries with the threat of going to trial, spouses can reach a settlement in a respectful and cost-efficient manner.

Children fare better in collaborative divorces than traditional litigated divorces. Often, the first objective in the collaborative process is working out custody and visitation that prioritizes the needs of the children. The team creates a parenting plan to establish a structure for co-parenting after the separation and/or divorce.

By focusing on settlement from the start, collaborative divorce can save legal fees. Most divorces are settled before they go to trial, but litigated divorces start with accusations, demands for financial information, and court conferences that cost time and money. The collaborative process emphasizes problem solving, and considering your spouse’s needs in addition to your own, to come up with the settlement that is best for your family.

White Plains collaborative divorce lawyer

Mary F. Kelly, Esq. has extensive experience and training in collaborative divorce and can work with you to make your divorce a private and respectful one. Call us at (914) 631-2657 to schedule a consultation with a collaborative divorce lawyer at our White Plains, NY or Tarrytown, NY offices.

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