Divorce Litigation

Litigation is the traditional process for getting divorced. In a litigated divorce, one spouse has a summons for divorce served on the other and there are periodic court appearances. If the spouses’ lawyers cannot negotiate a settlement on the main issues—spousal and child support, custody and visitation, division of assets—both sides prepare for trial. The process is usually time-consuming and very expensive.

With more than 35 years of experience handling divorce and family law cases, Mary F. Kelly, Esq. can give you options and candid advice throughout the litigation process.

We have experience settling difficult divorces

The vast majority of divorce cases are settled, but some parties do not settle until the trial is about to start, so they incur the high cost for trial preparation. At Kelly & Knaplund, we settle 95% of divorces, most of them long before trial preparation is necessary. We look for areas of agreement from the start, then negotiate the best settlement possible for your family. We work with parenting coordinators, financial neutrals, forensics experts, and other professionals to support and assist you through the difficult transitions of divorce. Our goal is a positive, successful outcome that works for you without a bitter legal battle or excessive legal fees.

Getting a divorce in White Plains, NY

If you are facing an impending divorce, call us to schedule an appointment with an experienced divorce lawyer in White Plains, NY. (914) 631-2657 or info@kellyandknaplund.com


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