Prenuptial Agreements

Happy couple prenuptial agreement

Separate property v. marital property

A prenuptial agreement is a legally binding agreement between two people who are planning to marry each other. A good prenuptial agreement identifies the separate property (stocks, savings, land, etc.) that each person wants to keep if the couple divorces or if one spouse dies. It can also define how the couple would divide marital property (property acquired while they are married) and provide for spousal support.

Westchester prenuptial agreement lawyer

At Kelly & Knaplund, we know that finances are a sensitive topic, and a Westchester prenuptial agreement lawyer will help you discuss and negotiate issues that you and your fiance should address but may disagree on. Each person must be represented by his or her own lawyer when negotiating a prenuptial agreement.

Making decisions together

Although it may not seem romantic, creating a prenuptial agreement helps you work out future financial arrangements before you marry. It may show you that your financial behaviors are incompatible. In either case, discussing your ideas about spending and saving, and about the property and money you bring to a marriage, helps avoid conflict about money after marriage. And making important financial decisions together can help secure your relationship for the future.

Call or email Kelly & Knaplund to discuss your situation with a Westchester prenuptial agreement lawyer to see if a prenuptial agreement is right for you.


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