Will a prenup doom your marriage?

Consequences and Compassion in Divorce

Is compassion for someone struggling with alcohol or drug abuse the most important step in helping them to recovery?¬† Or must consequences be imposed in order to get a substance abuser to change his or her life?Recently, I read an article about consequences and substance abuse in State Bar … Continue reading

How to Fire an Attorney

Sometimes an attorney-client relationship starts to come apart. There are various reasons: you believe you have been overcharged, a disagreement about legal actions taken (or not taken), or a breakdown in communication with each other. Once you lose trust and confidence in an attorney, you must … Continue reading
Smiling parent and child visitation schedule

What is Collaborative Divorce?

In the last 15 years, a new method for getting a divorce has been developed, to avoid the bitter and often unnecessary conflict many couples experience. Mary F. Kelly has been at the forefront of this effort in¬†Westchester, as an early member of the New York Association of Collaborative … Continue reading