Divorced father talking to an estranged child

When a Child Gets Estranged from a Parent During a Divorce

Unfortunately, one parent and a child or children become estranged during a lot of divorces. An estranged child is hostile to or continuously angry with one of his or her parents. The child often refuses to have visitation or custodial access time with that parent. Read more

Reflections of a Family Law Attorney

Practicing family law over the years has involved unexpected and surprising experiences. I have met people during the most difficult periods of their lives–some in truly extraordinary circumstances. My job is to help them through hard times with the best possible outcome, yet some of Read more

special needs adult

When Parents of Special Needs Adults Get Divorced

Parents with special needs children who are young adults often cope with a difficult set of circumstances. A divorce may make things worse. Special needs adults are challenging even when their parents are married, but the challenges continue and may get worse when their parents Read more

Angry father and son illustration |Parental alienation or child abuse

Parental Alienation or Child Abuse: An Overview

Parental alienation and child abuse are two of the toughest issues faced by courts in resolving custody disputes. Here’s what I found while surveying parents’ opinions and stories on Twitter, news sites and custody threads:  There is a large body of parents who view the Read more

how to make holidays better for divorced families

How to Make the Holidays Better for Divorced Families

It’s January 2019. The holidays are over. For many separated and divorced parents, the holidays are a mixed event: a time for special celebration with their child or children, and a time of heightened stress. Both parents’ wishes to have a joyful Chanukah/Christmas/Kwanzaa with the Read more

family arguing | divorce mediation

Divorce Mediation is Not for Everyone

Many couples choose divorce mediation because it can be cheaper, quicker and less adversarial than litigation. But it is not for everyone. For divorce mediation to work, couples need to be able to be civil to each other. They also have to be willing to Read more

alienated parent sitting on a bench

Advice for Alienated Parents

What happens to the alienated parent? There is a lot of advice about how to help a polarized child reduce or bridge the anger and antagonism toward the alienated parent. What happens to the alienated parent if there is no reconciliation while the child is Read more